Famous Black baseball player Henry Louis Aaron was born Febuary 5,1934 in  Mobile, Alabama.The soon to be all-time Home run King played 23 seasons for the Milwaukee Braves and later to be known as the Atlanta Braves. Hank Aaron got his First Major League start when a spring training injury to a Braves outfielder opened  a roster spot for him. Following the first year (he hit .280), Aaron pummeled through the 1955 season with a blend of power hitting 27 home runs, run production 106 RBI’S and  an average of (.328) that would come to define his long career. After all the years of setting milestones and makeing unbreakable records for the books hammerin hank bashed his way to becoming the first baseball player to break Babe Ruth’s Home Run record since the early 1930’s. During all of this to beat Babe Ruth’s Record he’d have to deal with racial tensions . Letters poured into the Braves offices, as many as 3,000 a day forHenry Aaron. Some wrote to congratulate him, but many others were Shocked and Insulted that a black man should break baseball’s most sacred record. Death threats were a major part of the mix of letters. But on April 8,1974 Hank Aaron  in the 4th inning Aaron hit career home run number 715 off L.A. Dodgers pitcher Al Downing.I have a tremendous amount of respect to anyone who could endure what he did on a daily basis and never break down or walk away. On July 20, 1976 Hank  hit his 755th and final home run at Milwaukee County Stadium off Dick Drago of the California Angels.  which would mark him as the all-time Home-Run King until August 7,2007 when Barry Bonds broke that record. Just go’s to show you can do anything if you put your mind or heart to it.