Ordinarily Miami FL. is the perfect spot to vacation and relax.But temperatures in Miami barely got into the 40’s on Sunday; normally, they’d be in the 70’s.The biggest problem with the weather being the way it is would be all the crops growing especially Flordia’s fruit the citrus that is a $9.3 billion industry  The state of Flordia produces three-quarters of the United States’ orange crop and 40 % of the world’s orange juice supply. Sunday night will be the night to watch, because if things don’t go good, the entire economy will be affected, jobs could be lost if fruit on the ground cannot be harvested, workers will go elsewhere in the U.S., and Florida will lose . The citrus harvest is at its peak right now, and  the workers are already grinding away seven days a week as it is. the workers cannot work any faster then they can as it is.