Independent questions Thursday, Nov 12 2009 

1. Where is the ribbon located?-  at the top of microsoft office

2. What are the three main components that make up the ribbon?

– tabs, groups, and commands.

3. What are the names of all the tabs?-

The names of all the tabs are Home, Insert, Page Layout, Refrences, Mailings, Review, and View.

4. Where are the group names located?-

under the commands.

5. What are the commands?-

Commands are buttons you click to make microsoft do something you want it too

6. What is a template?-

A template is a certain document.

7.  Why are templates helpful-

Templates  you can use  for many different work related things. Anything from mailing  or making a graph.

8. What is the good thing about styles in Microsoft office 2007-?

The good thing about styles in microsoft office  is it gives you different clues on what to do. It also gives you a option to try different things.

9. What are some of the uses for a table in word?-

A table can help you achieve what you want. It sets them up them up  and breaks it down. Also it can help you with watching your time.

10. What are graphics? How can you use them in word?-

Graphics are pictures. You can work with them  in a word document.

11. What is Mail merge? What can you use this for?-

Mail merge helps you print out many documents at once.

12. What is document security view?-

keeps the documents you save  private so that only you can see them?

13. Why do you think that office has changed so much?-

It  changed because as the years went on,

14. If you don’t know how something in technology works, what are some ways you can learn?- i do not know?-


How sould i include”GOD” in my college search? Monday, Nov 2 2009 

Alot of decisions you make that will affect your/our future should be  fully considered with prayer and going to church.Choosing a college based on faith,strength and expand your faith coming from a catholic high school may i or some others would want to expand there faith in God.Even going to a different college if you put your faith in into your actions day-in & day-out not only will it encourage you to maybe want to do a little more then what you are doing but also it cam encourage others to follow and do good and bring peace.

In college we face many temptations to be “cool” or to ”fit in with the crowd”.It is important to have good characteristics about yourself  to guide you threw life, such as making/or choosing friends ,and being careful of what places and situations you put yourself in.