Correct Posture Tuesday, Sep 29 2009 

  • Can you do these stretches sitting down or standing up?-standing up because you will have more room  to do more stretches
  1. Why is breathing helpful?-it helps you relax
  2. Choose three of these stretches as your favorite.  Why did you select them-

4.  Go at your own pace and time yourself.  See how far you can go without stopping.  Do each twice page twice (once focusing on accuracy and the second time focusing on speed)-


Notes Monday, Sep 28 2009 

1.List 10 new facts that you did not know before

-a neutral position helps keep your feet flat on the floor.

-carpel tunnel can fixed with surgeries .

2.What is CTD?

3.Why do CTD’s occur?cumulative trauma disorder-pain that wakes you up at night tightness,stiffness in you hand and you back.

4.What is Egronomics-is a discipline that involves arranging the environment to fit the person in it. When ergonomics is applied correctly in the work environment,

5.cumulative trauma disorder-pain that wakes you up at night.

Why I Came To St.Mary’s Friday, Sep 25 2009 

i chose St.Mary’s because when i came for freshman for a day 2 years ago i had so much fun and everyone was friendly.Dr.Bob really convinced me to come here because the educational help i would have.I had won a scholarship to at least help me come here.the main reason i came here was for my baseball career.The school spirit here is very big SM has so much pride and history to choosing SM was the smartest choice i’ve made.

Practiceing good posture Thursday, Sep 24 2009 

Today i went on google a looked up 5 steps to keep good posture and found 5 great ways to practice this.some examples of this practice are #1 ” if your sitting in your car place your head against your seat’s headrest and watch your head come back over your shoulders it will feel wierd at first but over time it wont be due to the fact that your brain reprograms its definition of correct muscle tension relationship in the neck and shoulder girdle”.#2″ Set your watch to go off every 15 sec.When you hear the alarm go off you check your own posture .but most of the time it means its time to correct your posture.after awhile you’ll be able to space out the checking period every 30 mintues a day”.#3 When your on the phone with a friend ask them to stop and check thier posture.Getting friends involved will make you keep on track of keeping good posture”.#4 ” when your watching t.v at commercial break check your posture”.#5 “Ask a physician for a referreal to a qualified physical therapist ,for different exercises and stretches to keep good posture”.

favorite childhood memory Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 

I have alot of favorite childhood memories but my most memorable was when the greatest Christmas wish ever came true.  Let me start by explaining that when I was three years old my Dad was almost killed by a tractor trailer while at work for the New Jersey Turnpike.  It was after this accident that through bloodwork they found out my father had Bile Duct Dysfunction.  That began our four years of an unending nightmare.  It was Christmas of 2000 and my father had less then two weeks to live.  He had some very disappointing times as he was waiting for a match for his transplant.  I remember my mom trying very hard to make it the best Christmas ever for all of us, as she was not sure if it would be our last.  I did not know at the time that my dad might not be around for another Christmas.  But on January6,2001 my father recieved his transplant. That is the Feast of the Ephiphany, what a great day for a new life.  I always associate that with Christmas and the Three Wise Men. That gift on January 6 of my Dad was my favorite childhood memory.

Hello world! Monday, Sep 14 2009 

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